KindFishing is fishing without hooks.

KindFishing is safe and fun for the whole family, the fish, and the environment.

Fish more. Do no harm

Get close...

KindFishing gets you closer to fish. Experience the magic of fish approaching your lure again and again instead of fleeing in panic. Enjoy studying fish behavior in the wild and experience a kinder side to fishing.

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Do no harm...

KindFishing cuts down on the tons of plastic fishing lure waste lost in our waterways each year. KindFishing reduces the number of fish that might not survive catch & release.

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Have fun...

Discover the kind side of fishing. KindFishing is a fun way to enjoy fishing for a wide variety of fish. Bluegills at the local pond, bass at the lake, striped bass at the beach, and trout at the stream.

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Kindfishing is pure, simple fun.

Why fish without hooks?  To relax, have fun, enjoy nature, be spontaneous and enjoy another side of fishing.

KindFishing does not harm fish. Fish take your lure and when they realize it is not natural food, they spit the lure out. Fish often run with the lure for a bit, first. This lets you enjoy the skill and thrill of being a good fisherman without hurting fish. You still get to feel that magical tug.



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