Our Philosophy

The ability to fish for fun is a gift. Fishing is relaxing, meditative, and exciting. But catch and release fishing can be harmful to fish and the einvironment. KindFishing is fishing without harming fish or the environment.
KindFishing is fishing without hooks or live baits to attract fish. KindFishers appreciate the peace and relaxation fishing brings. KindFishers fish more. And do no harm.

Our Story

Some argue that fish do not feel pain. We asked, "then why do they jump and run when hooked?" Fish are animals. Animals feel pain. We do not want to cause any simply to have fun.
But fishing matters. Being outdoors with friends and family matters. Learning about the feeding habits of fish to attract them matters. Using awesome fishing gear well matters. Being near or in the water matters. We wanted to fish, but to do no harm. So we founded KindFishing.
Fish more. Do no harm.

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