Our Philosophy

KindFishing is about enjoying the meditative and restorative benefits of  the art of fishing without causing harm to fish or the environment. KindFishing promotes fishing without hooks or the use of living baits to attract fish.  KindFishers (people that KindFish) appreciate the peace and relaxation fishing brings and the excitement of a strike from a curious fish on a hookless fly or lure.

Our Story

A person who knows how to fish will never go hungry.  But most of us eat fish we buy from a store. We questioned the need to hook fish in the wild simply for fun adding pressure to the environment.  So we experimented with fishing with flies & lures with the hooks snipped off.  And we had a blast.  We discovered the curious nature of fish and experienced a side to fishing that is not typical when fishing with a hook.

We are not the first to discover the joy of fishing without hooks, but we wanted to create a place where likeminded folks could feel comfortable and welcomed. Happy KindFishing!

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