Our Philosophy

KindFishing is about enjoying the relaxing, meditative and restorative benefits of the art of fishing without causing harm to fish or the environment. KindFishing promotes fishing without hooks or the use of living baits to attract fish.  KindFishers (people that KindFish) appreciate the peace and relaxation fishing brings and the excitement of a strike from a curious fish on a hookless fly or lure. KindFishing is as much for the novice angler as it is for seasoned expert.

Our Story

A person who knows how to fish will never go hungry.  But most of us eat fish we buy from a store.

So I questioned the need to hook fish in the wild simply for fun thus adding needless pressures to the environment.

My name is Glenn Jones and I fish with flies & lures that have the hooks snipped off.

I fished fresh water with hooks often when a child. As I learned this new skill quite a few fish gave their lives to my learning curve.  And as time passed I gradually stopped fishing for one reason or another.

But I found I missed it. I wanted to go fishing again.  I also came across a  newspaper article that got me thinking. And acting.  I ordered a cheap Fly Fishing rig from Amazon, clipped the hooks of the flies and went to teach myself to fly fish without hooks.

Even with all the newby fly fisher mistakes I made, I had a blast that first day at my local pond. But having wrapped a few lines in trees and power lines, I paid a visit to the Tight Lines Fly Shop for a quick casting lesson and afterwards pronounced myself a KindFisher.

I began visiting different fishing spots around me and discovered the curious nature of fish.  I experienced a side to fishing that was not typical when I fished with a hook.

I am not the first to discover the joy of fishing without hooks, but I wanted to create a place on the interwebs where likeminded folks could feel comfortable and welcome to learn, share their own KindFishing experiences and stories.

My goal is to have every recreational fisherman in the world add KindFishing to their repertoire of fishing skills and freely decide when they want to fish with or without hooks. I hope over time, more chose to fish without.

Fish more. Do no harm.

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