Pond or Lake

Great for getting close to the typical residents of ponds and lakes -- Bluegills or Sunnies, Bass, Carp and more.

Stream or River

Think there is a cagey Trout in the shadow of that tree overhanging the stream? Test your skill and land your fly.

Estuary or Bay

Watch Bass chase your spoon, streamer, or popper.  Feel the strike and let nature tug at your soul.

Everything but the hook...

KindFishing is not about giving up anything. KindFishing is about gaining a new appreciation and perspective on the joy of fishing.  It is about fishing in a way that offers more peace and kindness to yourself as much as to fish.

Nature, tranquility and time well spent...

Embrace the possible. Enjoy your fishing gear, your boat, your dock, your beach, bay or pond.  Nature is waiting.

"Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that is not fish that they are after" -- Henry David Thoreau

Go KindFishing and know.

Learn more...

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